VS PENDANTS Discover timeless elegance with our VS Pendants, crafted from authentic vintage coins plated in fine silver or Rose Gold. Choose from a Penny, Sixpence, or 5 Cent in Mint condition, spanning 1910 to 2024. Symbolise cherished memories with a gift that transcends time. Shipped from our workshop on the Sunshine Coast

GIFTS FOR HIM Seeking a unique gift for him? Explore our custom accessories featuring genuine coins. From Cufflinks to Keychains, Winestoppers to money clips. Choose a year from 1946-2024, select your coin, and customise your item. Capture life's moments with us. Handmade on the Sunshine Coast

Bracelets Explore Vintage Spirit's diverse range of sterling silver bracelets. Customise with your preferred coin, year, and style. Crafted from Threepences, Sixpences, Shillings, or mint condition decimal coinage, each piece holds significance. Choose a meaningful year as a keepsake or gift. Rest assured, all Vintage Spirit coins are authentic. Designed and shipped from the Sunshine Coast

Vintage Spirit - Handcrafted Coin Creations


At Vintage Spirit we take immense pride in our work. From day one our focus remains to offer the very best quality coin jewellery at affordable prices. We only use sterling silver components and always thrive to improve our knowledge and expertise.
Vintage Spirit - Handcrafted Coin Creations


Whether you are a first-time visitor or a repeat customer you can always rest assured Vintage Spirits number one focus is our customers. We will always go the extra mile to assist you and your needs
Vintage Spirit - Handcrafted Coin Creations


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