Meet Vintage Spirit..

Vintage Spirit is more than just a business; it's a testament to fate and a heartfelt journey of passion and nostalgia. Let me take you back for a moment to the cherished memories of my childhood, spent in the comforting embrace of my grandparents' home.

As the youngest of three siblings, I found endless joy in the simple pleasures of old toys and sweet treats. But amidst the laughter and play, there was one treasure that captured my heart – a tiny plane meticulously crafted by my Grandad during the tumult of World War II.

I remember pressing my nose against the glass display case, awestruck by the transformation of a humble penny into a magnificent fighter plane. It was a symbol of my Grandad's skill and ingenuity, a testament to his craftsmanship and love.

When my grandparents passed away, I was entrusted with this precious heirloom. But fate had other plans, and the plane went missing, perhaps spirited away by the mischievous hands of my own children.

Left with only memories and a longing to honour my Grandad's legacy, I embarked on a mission to recreate the magic. With determination and love, I crafted a replica of the Penny Spitfire, a tribute to my beloved Grandad and his remarkable talents.

Thus, Vintage Spirit was born – a labour of love and a celebration of craftsmanship. While the planes remain a cornerstone of my passion, I've expanded my offerings to include a variety of unique products, each infused with the same spirit of joy and nostalgia.

Creating these treasures brings me immense happiness, and I hope they bring the same joy to you and your loved ones. From the bottom of my heart, thank you for joining me on this journey. Together, let's spread happiness, one handmade creation at a time.

With gratitude, Rob