Australian 5 Cent: Bead Bracelet

Indulge in the timeless charm of Vintage Spirit's bead chain bracelet, a simple yet substantial piece crafted in bright white sterling silver. Casual yet classy, this bracelet is suitable for various occasions, making it a unique and impressive accessory, ideal for gifting or treating yourself.

The reverse of the 5 Cent coin adorning the bracelet features a captivating image of an echidna, adding a touch of Australian heritage to your ensemble. Tailor this bracelet to commemorate a special year by choosing any date from 1966 to 2023 through our drop-down menu.

Vintage Spirit takes pride in sourcing decimal coins directly from Australian Mint Rolls, ensuring authenticity and a piece of history in every creation. If your desired year isn't listed, feel free to drop us a line, as we constantly update our stock to offer you a diverse selection.

Experience the added convenience of free shipping within Australia, allowing you to enjoy your meticulously crafted bracelet without additional cost. With a weight of 10 grams, a bead width of 4mm, and a length of 18cm, this bracelet strikes the perfect balance between substance and style, making it a versatile accessory for any wardrobe. Embrace the unique charm and personalised touch of Vintage Spirit's bead chain bracelet, a symbol of Australian heritage and timeless elegance.


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