Sterling Silver VS Pendant - Australian 5 Cent

Unveil the tales of your life with our exquisite Sterling Silver - 5 Cent VS Pendant from Vintage Spirit. Crafted from genuine, uncirculated coins, this pendant invites you to choose a significant year from 1966 to 2022, allowing you to wear your story with authenticity and style. 

More than just jewellery, this pendant is a connection to cherished memories—a timeless and genuine token. A thoughtful gift for yourself or a loved one, particularly for parents and grandparents, it encapsulates the essence of special moments, celebrating the beauty of family bonds.

Presented in a custom-made Vintage Spirit box, the unboxing becomes an experience, enhancing the allure of the authentic coin within. With a weight of 7.4 grams, a diameter of 23mm, and a length of 30mm, this pendant is not just an accessory; it's a statement of sophistication and individuality.

Benefit from the added charm of free shipping within Australia, ensuring your statement piece arrives promptly and effortlessly. Don't just wear jewellery; wear your story. Order your Sterling Silver - 5 Cent VS Pendant today and let its authenticity and charm become an integral part of your narrative, an embodiment of moments close to your heart.


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