Australian 5 Cent: Yellow Gold Filled Bezel

Indulge in the timeless allure of Vintage Spirit's Yellow Gold-Filled coin frames, sourced from pristine Australian Mint rolls, handled only with gloves. Crafted with a 5mm teardrop bail for chain versatility, these frames feature a layer of solid gold bonded to sterling silver, offering at least 5% gold content by weight.

This exquisite Yellow Gold-Filled jewellery provides a high-quality, affordable alternative to solid gold, ensuring durability and tarnish resistance. Unlike gold plating, it won't turn your skin green, promising lasting beauty.

Each coin is meticulously set within channels, secured by a small screw, preserving its flawless condition and even finish on both sides. Choose from a wide range of years, spanning 1966 to 2024, via our drop-down menu, allowing you to personalise your collection with a touch of elegance and history.

For specific years not listed, kindly check availability with us, as we continuously update our stock to offer you a diverse selection. Experience the convenience of free shipping within Australia, ensuring your meticulously crafted Yellow Gold-Filled coin frame arrives promptly and securely.

With a weight of 4 grams, a width of 20mm, and a length of 32mm, these coin frames strike the perfect balance between subtlety and statement, making them a versatile and sophisticated addition to your jewellery collection. Embrace the charm and authenticity of Vintage Spirit's Yellow Gold-Filled coin frames, where history meets enduring elegance.


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