Australian Sixpence Cuff Bracelet

Adorn your wrist with timeless elegance through Vintage Spirit's Sterling Silver Cuff Bracelets. Choose your significant year from 1946-1963, set within a sterling silver coin edge bezel. For earlier years, inquire about availability and price, ensuring a personalised touch.

Crafted from genuine pre-decimal silver coins, each undergoes a meticulous cleaning, high-polishing treatment, and buffing for a polished finish. Weighing 10 grams, with an inside diameter of 63mm and a 3mm bangle width, these bracelets are more than accessories; they're statements of sophistication.

Experience delightful luxury with complimentary shipping within Australia, enhancing the joy of your acquisition. Embrace the timeless beauty and history encapsulated in each cuff, as you carry a piece of the past with grace and style.


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