Australian Sixpence: Handcrafted Domed Pendant with Tassel

Indulge in the timeless elegance with our unique Pendant, a celebration of special moments and cherished memories.

Crafted in our workshop in the Sunshine Coast, Queensland, this exquisite piece is more than just jewellery; it's an embodiment of sophistication and grace.

Draped in sterling silver allure, the pendant features a sensuous tassel that adds a touch of allure to your every movement. The sterling silver flat tassel, adorned with a luminous, smooth end cap, cascades into eight tantalizing strands of 60mm-long, 1.1mm flat curb chain. Each movement whispers tales of refinement and luxury.

Our Vintage Spirit coins, the heart of this enchanting pendant, are genuine and bear the marks of time, enhancing their beauty and individuality.

Choose a year that resonates with you from a range spanning 1946-1963, and let the pendant tell your unique story.

Inquire about availability and price of earlier years, and let us fashion a piece of history just for you.

The melding of two Sixpences, cleaned, shaped, and united by a sterling silver jump ring, forms the foundation of this pendant. A sterling silver bail completes the creation, providing a canvas for your choice of chains.

Embrace the magic of this pendant, adorned with the echoes of the past, and revel in the pleasure of free shipping within Australia.

Elevate your style, capture the essence of your journey, and let this pendant be a testament to the alluring woman within.


Weight  8 grams
Bail opening 4mm
Tassel length 60mm

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