Sixpence + 5 Cent Ball Bangle

Cherish the milestones of motherhood with our adjustable sterling silver bangle, celebrating two special years – the birth of yours and your precious children. It's a timeless keepsake for every mum. Vintage Spirit's yellow gold-filled frames, add elegance with at least 5% solid gold content.

Affordable and high-quality, our yellow gold-filled jewellery is perfect for mothers who want lasting beauty. Tarnish-resistant and skin-friendly, it won’t turn your skin green. Customise with ease using the removable end cap, making room for more cherished charms.

Choose from a range of years, including Sixpence (1946-1963) and 5 Cent (1966-2023). For earlier years, check availability with us.

Our decimal coins are handled with care, taken from mint rolls and only touched with gloves. Commemorate the journey of motherhood with elegance and sentiment.

Weight  10 grams
Inside diameter 63mm
Width of bangle 3mm

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