Australian 1966 50cent: Stretchy 16mm Bead Bracelet

Elevate your style with Vintage Spirit's sterling silver round bead bracelet, an exquisite piece that boasts a consistently smooth and seamless finish with distinctive 16mm beads. Crafted with meticulous attention to detail, this bracelet is a perfect blend of durability and luxury, reinforced with four-ply extra-strong elastic for enduring wear.

The centerpiece of this stunning bracelet is the unique 1966 round 50 Cent coin, made with 80% silver. This coin holds historical significance, having been withdrawn from circulation as its bullion value surpassed its face value. Its inclusion adds a touch of rarity and charm to your jewelry collection, making a statement about history and style.

Every element of this bracelet, including the beads, bezel, and bail, is crafted from sterling silver, ensuring a cohesive and elegant design. The substantial 16mm beads create a bold and sophisticated look, emphasizing the bracelet's unique character. The bracelet weighs 60grams.

With a standard length of 18cm, the bracelet aligns with the universal average for ladies, while the option to customize the fit allows for a truly personalised experience. Enjoy the convenience of complimentary size adjustments, ensuring the perfect fit for your wrist.

Immerse yourself in the charm of Vintage Spirit's Coin Jewellery, where each piece tells a story of history and elegance. The free shipping within Australia adds an extra layer of convenience, making this bracelet not only a symbol of timeless beauty but also a seamless addition to your collection. Embrace the allure of history and elegance, showcased in every detail of this exquisite piece.


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