Handcrafted Domed Pendant featuring the Rare 1937 Australian Crown with Sterling Silver Tassel

Vintage Spirit's Handmade 1937 Crown Pendant with Sterling Silver Tassel – A Unique Token for the Woman Who Appreciates Distinctive Coin Jewellery.

Each pendant is meticulously crafted using genuine coins. The 1937 Crown Pendant, a timeless piece, serves as a perfect gift to commemorate a special year, showcasing the exclusivity of the Australian Crown, minted only in 1937 and 1938. Made in our workshop on the Sunshine Coast, QLD.

Both coins, chosen with care, undergo a detailed process of cleaning, shaping, and expert soldering, culminating in a stunning piece adorned with a sterling silver jump ring and bail. The sterling silver bail seamlessly integrates with your preferred chain, offering you the freedom to personalise your accessory.

The pendant gracefully displays the front and back of the chosen coin, capturing the intricate details that make each piece unique. Should you desire both sides facing the same direction, simply let us know upon checkout for a personalised touch.

Enhance your style with a sterling silver flat tassel featuring a bright, smooth end cap and eight 50mm long strands of 1.1mm flat curb chain. This additional detail adds a touch of sophistication and movement to your pendant, creating a truly exceptional piece.

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Weight 60 grams
Width 38mm
Length 110mm

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