Vintage Spirit was born as a result of fate! A company that comes with a story so sit back, relax and humour me for five minutes…..

…..as the youngest of three children I would regularly spend hours in my Grandparents house playing with old toys (Dinky cars etc) that I never seemed to tire of. All the toys, the beaten-up old pinball game, and as much cake as you could eat didn’t compare to one very special item though.

So special was this item that I would have to press my nose against the glass exterior of a display case looking at a tiny plane my Grandad had made during WW2. If the plane was impressive, the journey an old beaten up penny could take to transition into a stunning fighter plane was something to marvel.

When my grandparents passed away I was given the plane. Sadly that plane went missing (I have two children and have my suspicions) but there were no witnesses and no evidence to support a potential conviction so I was left with just one option – build a replica.

My Grandad was a special man to me who I adored as a boy and respect now that I’ve grown up. It was always a boyhood dream to impress my Grandad by replicating the miracles he could perform on grubby old coins. Well guess what Grandad, I’ve done it!

It was a few weeks later that Vintage Spirit was born and my first few attempts at creating a Penny Spitfire took off (pun intended :))

The planes take a long time to create so I developed other product lines to help finance my passion. You'll find a number of unique products available and I hope they can offer the same degree of happiness that I have experienced in making them.