AUSTRALIAN THREEPENCE + 5 CENT - BANGLE | Vintage Spirit - Handcrafted Coin Creations

: Bangles


Cherish special memories with Vintage Spirts combination pre and post decimal bangle. 

Most years available (1947-1964) Threepence
Most years available (1966-2021) 5 Cent 

Earlier years are available for the Threepence; please check availability and price with us    

Vintage Spirit decimal coins are taken from mint rolls and only ever handled with gloves.

Vintage Spirit pre-decimal silver coins are genuine coins. Coins are cleaned to remove all dirt and grease, they are then highly polished and finally buffed

Vintage Spirit gold-filled frames are sterling silver and 1/20 14ct gold filled. Not gold plated. Available across our entire range 

This bracelet is sterling silver and plated with fine silver to ensure a bright white colour and to help protect against tarnish.

Free shipping within Australia

Weight  21 grams
Inside diameter 65mm
Width of bangle 5mm